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About Us

Jill Potter

Jill Potter has a Masters degree in Psychology and oversees psychology services for an agency serving developmentally disabled adults in White Plains, N.Y. She also works with behaviorally challenged children and is the founder of Behavior Plans 4 Kids, an organization that develops individualized plans to assist parents and other caretakers in creating positive behavioral changes in children with difficult behaviors. Jill worked as a volunteer with the Yonkers Animal Shelter in Yonkers, N.Y. as well as other local shelters. During this time, she assisted in finding homes for sheltered animals through poster and publicity campaigns and community adoption events.

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Allison Roesser
Vice President

For several years, Allison Roesser has volunteered her time to serve the community. She was active in the Junior League of Bronxville, N.Y., for which she served as a member of the Board and chaired committees that worked with Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, and the Mount Vernon Boys and Girls' Club. Allison started working with animals when she became a home socializer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She began her work with shelter animals in 2001 when she joined forces with Jill Potter and co-founded Shelter Pet Alliance. Since that time, she has worked closely with local shelters and rescue groups organizing multi-shelter adoption events, training and overseeing foster families, fundraising, and anything else she can do to improve the lives of shelter animals. Allison attended George Washington University Law School and received her BS in criminal justice with honors from Pennsylvania State University. Allison is also the proud mother of four wonderful children.

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Leslie McCauley

Leslie McCauley has been a volunteer working with animal shelters for the past seven years. Since her retirement from Sarah Lee where she was an HR director, she spends her days as the Head Adoption Coordinator for the Yonkers Animal Shelter. Additionally, Leslie maintains the shelters Petfinder website and works with animal shelters and rescue groups across the country to coordinate the transport, placement, and adoptions of dogs in need. Leslie attended Hunter college where she studied Psychology.

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"In the end, the real test of our humanity may be the way we treat the non-human others with which we share our planet and our homes..."

-- Barbara Ehrenreich